Sahoko Sato...she sang with the voice of an angel.
RICK JUSTICE (Charleston Daily Mail)
JOSE SOLIS (StageBuddy.com)
'Sahoko Sato Timpone gleefully embraces The Dragon Lady stereotype for her mirthfully steely characterization as Ms. Soon-Yi Nam.' (Figaro 90210)
DARRYL REILLY (TheaterScene.net)
...page Cherubino (saucy mezzo-soprano Sahoko Sato in a great turn)...
WAYNE MEYERS (Oneida Daily Dispatch)
Sahoko Sato was natty in the role of Cherubino, the boy smitten with the countess. Mozart invested some great melody in the part, and Sato delivered with élan.
DAVID WILLIAMS (Charleston Gazette)
...together with Japanese mezzo-soprano, Sahoko Sato—turns the operatic "A Time to Say Goodbye" into a thrilling encounter between the human voice and Zollar's Miley one on trumpet.
AUL D'GAMA ROSE (All About Jazz)
Latest News

Sahoko will sing Martha in Faust, October 20, 22, 24. Click here for more information

Sahoko performed in a collaborative event with Masako Inkyo, Calligraphy Artist. Click here for video from the event

Sahoko was mentioned in the review of Figaro 90210 for Ongaku-no-tomo magazine June 2017 volume!