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Songs of Japonisme
Label: Sheva Collection
Released: March 24, 2021
Catalog Num: SH273

Released from Sheva Collection in 2021!

(Digital Streaming coming soon!)

Songs of Japonisme

Early 20th Century Art Songs from Japan and the West

Sahoko Sato Timpone, mezzo-soprano

Kenneth Merrill, piano

Recording Information and Credits
Date recorded: May 21-24, 2018
Place recorded: Concert Hall, The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, Purchase, NY
Sahoko Sato Timpone, Mezzo-Soprano
Kenneth Merril, Piano
Andy Biskin, Clarinet
Recording Producer: Nathan Brandwein
Recording Engineer: Silas Brown
Sound Editor: John Bowen
Funded by:
Florida State University First Year Assistant Professorship Award
Florida State University College of Music Lucille P. and Elbert B. Shelfer Professorship Fund
Cover Art: Masako Inkyo “十六夜の月- Moon on the 16th Night of Lunar Month”
Photo: Ron Rinaldi
Research Advisor and Forward: Jun-ichi Sato
Liner Notes Editors: Anne Siviglia and Rebecca Cypess
Czech Diction Coach: Pavlina Horáková
Japanese Traditional Recitation Coach: Sumie Kaneko
Special Thanks
This recording was made possible through the generous support and guidance from the following individuals:
David Frost, Rebecca Davis, Ryoko Takei, Patricia Flowers, Valerie Trujillo, Michelle Pohto, Ron Raines, Ira Siff, Chantal Balestri, Dan Sedgwick, Abra Bush, Yoko Igarashi, Hiro Honshuku, Edward Kamens, Joseph Manning, Naomi Manning, Eijiro Kai, Holly Decorzent, Ayako Nakura, Wakako Kawasaki, Dean Timpone, Kunitaka Sato, and Rosemarie Timpone

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