June 21, 2018
Presenter at the NATS National Conference in Las Vegas

Breakout Session

The World in Which We Live: Diversity and Inclusion in the Voice Studio

Saturday, June 23 • 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Presenters: Marcía Porter, Minnita Daniel-Cox, Rosalyn Floyd, Albert Lee, Scott Piper, Sahoko Sato Timpone
Introduced by: Norman Spivey
Location: Cohiba 10-11
What does it mean to teach in a diverse environment? How can we as educators and musicians create situations that embrace both the differences (social, economic, cultural, etc.) and shared experiences of our students? Is it possible to build and maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment not only for our students, but for our colleagues as well? Is it worth the effort? Why is it so important? Isn’t my university/organization already diverse and don’t we already include everyone? This presentation will discuss some of the issues surrounding creating a diverse and inclusive studio environment as well as offer suggestions on how to develop a more vibrant sense of community. Topics to be covered include barriers to performance, the need for role models and mentors from various underrepresented groups, and repertoire choices.

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