The soloists were outstanding as well in their significant contributions. ...Mezzo Sahoko Sato Timpone had an extensive role which she delivered with marvelous richness and sensitivity. Her duet with Ms. Lamp in the Recordare was a musical high point. ...This group was the most professionally satisfying quartet of soloists that this reviewer has heard in a Music Worcester presentation.

Joyce Tamer, Worcester Telegram

...Sahoko Sato Timpone plays older neighbor Martha, excellent in the garden scene quartet

Oser, William S., Talkin' Broadway

In terms of casting it is hard to imagine better: Both Mr Allen and Miss Sato Timpone are in peak form, on “Ra Dances With Rams” and “Mistress Prayer” respectively, where they are heard in great voice.

Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama
Anticipated President Trump? Daring adaptation of the Marriage of Figaro

Sahoko Sato (Timpone), in the role of Sun Yi Nam gave a superb performance of a nit-picking middle aged woman which invited lots of laughs

Ariga Taichi, Ongaku no Tomo
Justin Bischof conducts the Canadian Chamber Orchestra of NYC in Beethoven's 9th

Sahoko Sato Timpone’s rich, glowing mezzo similarly shone forth without seeming effort, and she, too, shaped her phrases with elegance and expression.

Michael Miller, New York Arts
Cross Fit

...the voice that, in two brief lines, made me sit up and take notice and wish to hear more belonged to Sahoko Sato Timpone

John Yohalem, Parterre Box
Popularity of ‘Carmen’ demands more of PORTopera

...there were strong contributions from singers in smaller roles, among them Kenneth Kellogg (Zuniga), Jorelle Williams (Moralès), Maeve Höglund (Frasquita) and Sahoko Sato (Mercédès).

Allan Kozinn, Portland Press Herald
Carmen - PORTopera, Portland, ME

The appealing foursome of gypsies and smugglers was led by the bright soprano of Maeve Hoagland as Frasquita, and featured strong ensemble singing by Sahoko Sato, Robert Mellon and Lucas Levy. The sparkling Act II quintet was notable for its clarity as Lord held singers and orchestra to a lively pace.

Cornelia Iredell, Opera News
‘¡Figaro! (90210),’ a California Love Triangle

Among the impressive young cast members are Emma Grimsley as the sullen Barbara; Sahoko Sato Timpone as Ms. Soon-Yi-Nam, an assertive factory owner and Susana’s former employer (Mozart’s Marcellina); and Ethan Herschenfeld as Babayan, an Armenian mafioso (Mozart’s Bartolo.)

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times
¡Figaro! (90210)

Sahoko Sato Timpone gleefully embraces The Dragon Lady stereotype for her mirthfully steely characterization as Ms. Soon-Yi Nam.

Darryl Reilly,
Review: ¡Figaro! (90210)

...soon they are being threatened by sweatshop owner Ms. Soon-Yi Nam (the hilarious Sahoko Sato Timpone) and her thug ally Babayan (Ethan Herschenfeld)

Jose Solis, Stage Buddy
Voices in My Head: Opera Manhattan Festival in Review

The Princess who tears it all apart was played by Sahoko Sato, and when she entered, her appearance and voice were the definition of elegance. Her gleaming mezzo fit the role of the princess very nicely.

Opera Teen
James Zollar: Zollar System

...together with Japanese mezzo-soprano, Sahoko Sato—turns the operatic "A Time to Say Goodbye" into a thrilling encounter between the human voice and Zollar's Miley one on trumpet.

Raul D'Gama Rose, All about Jazz
Marriage of Figaro Match made in almost heaven

Sahoko Sato was natty in the role of Cherubino, the boy smitten with the countess. Mozart invested some great melody in the part, and Sato delivered with élan.

David Williams, Charleston Gazette
'Marriage of Figaro' is still full of magic

Sahoko Sato, as Cherubino, is a woman playing a man's role that later in the story has her change from a man's costume into a woman's costume and later into a man's costume yet again.
Not only that, but she sang with the voice of an angel.

Rick Justice, Charleston Daily Gazette
Syracuse Opera ends season with a fetching 'Figaro'

...adds the page Cherubino (saucy mezzo-soprano Sahoko Sato in a great turn), who unwittingly and repeatedly upsets plans to expose the Count's duplicity.

Wayne Myers, Oneida Daily Dispatch
Don't Tell Papa: I Got Married Before Sister Did

And Sahoko Sato, a mezzo-soprano, made Fidalma a sympathetic character despite her foolish crush on a younger man.

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times
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